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The Albergo Ristorante National, our past, our traditions, your present.

On 16th November 1952 the National Hotel was inaugurated as a “leisure and relaxing house for the employees” of the National, an american company known as “NCR” based in Milan which specialized in cash registers.

The american colonel Mr. James Angleton (who was the grandson of the well-known James Angleton chief of the CIA , the counter-espionage organization) bought this structure and decided to develop this leisure house. Mr Angleton got to know the village of Zelbio thanks to the priest of the community, Don Mosè Pertusini, and he instantly fell in love with the beauty of the place.

During that period the building of this important structure and of the nearby park and playground helped to develop the economy and social life of the area. Even nowadays many inhabitants remember the pleasant and happy Christmas times when big parties were organized by the colonel who loved to offer free presents to the children.

In 1972, as a result of the company development and the new trends, the building lost its original function; the National Company sold it and it became a hotel, our hotel.

We keep honoring this heritage, still conserving the old plaques and a sign of what was once the National house for relaxing and studying. For instance, an original NCR cash register, installed in the early thirties, is displayed at the hotel entrance and in one of our dining rooms. In addition, there is an old and beautiful chimney decorated by porcelain tiles, each of which represent different National cash registers. Furthermore we kept the original logo of the American company, a little cog.

The Torchiana Family has been running the hotel for over 45 years.

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